Where does my money go?


80% of all designated donations go directly to grants intended to help cover the large expenses of adoption. These expenses include court and legal fees, agency fees, and baby healthcare fees to name a few.

20% of donations received go into the "All Families Fund" to help create additional grants for other recipients who may not be Featured Families and to cover operational costs.


donation brake-down

For example, if you give directly to a Featured Family, 80% percent of that donation goes directly in the account reserved for that family. The remaining 20% is used to create smaller grants given to additional families as well as keep our charity in motion.

all families fund

The "All Families Fund" is what we call our general fund. This fund allows us extra budget to grant smaller amounts to families which are not a current Featured Family.  It also covers our operational costs such as back office work, website, fundraising, and basic office supplies.

Any donation(s) given to a designated fund which are not needed for the adoption, for any reason, will be placed in the "All Families Fund" to be used by other recipients.

need clarification or any additional info?

Feel free to reach out to us. We would love to answer any questions you may have and make sure you feel confident your donation is being stewarded wisely.

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